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“Ex tb” control panels suitable for ambient with explosive or flammable dusts

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hes jan 19 5“Ex tb” control panels suitable for ambient with explosive or flammable dusts

The awareness of the new prevention needs and the constant and continuous technical evolution has led the standardiser to analyze more in-depth the problems related to the use of electrical and electronic equipment in environments with the presence of dusts during handling and storage.

In fact, the problem of explosions generated by powders was not much considered in previous years. (Read More) 

It was then realized its true danger, and with difficulty, the designers and the public opinion accepted that an explosion could be generated even by the presence of dust without the addition of flammable gases.

Considering that dust explosions are not very frequent, but if they occur, the consequences are very dangerous and notoriously superior to a fire delimited in a small and well-ventilated environment, it is necessary to calculate the correlated risk: R = P x C.

The peculiarity of ‘Ex d Ex tb’ control panels consists in the fact that, inside them, it is not necessary to install equipment with an Ex component certificate, but industrial equipment is enough. Outside, must be installed only operators complying with the relevant Ex regulations.

Cortem Group panels are designed in compliance with the reference standards 60079-31, 60079-32-1 and 60079-32-2 with the following features:

  • ‘Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db’ IP66 method of protection
  • made in aluminium, polyester or stainless steel
  • various sizes available
  • there are three maximum dissipation limits that correspond to each of the three maximum optional ambient temperatures: + 40° C, + 55° C and + 60° C.
  • several IECEx/ATEX certified ‘Ex tb’ control devices can be mounted on the enclosure faces
  • a glass or polycarbonate window can be fixed to the lid
  • various electronic devices can be installed internally such as terminals, analog and digital instruments, control and measurement devices, circuit breakers and IECEx/ATEX certified battery packs.

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