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Progarm Protects Against The Great British Weather

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Progarm Protects Against The Great British Weather

Garments designed with the wearer’s safety, comfort and convenience in mind highlight ProGARM’s commitment to industry safety

ProGARM, the UK’s leading specialist in Arc Flash protection understands the need for clothing that is comfortable, warm and importantly waterproof during the winter months.  

While those across the UK at risk of an Arc Flash are already encouraged to wear full protective PPE throughout the year, workers crucially want to be comfortable and dry once inclement weather becomes an almost daily occurrence throughout the UK. Unfortunately, a lot of PPE clothing deemed weather proof, can lose its effect after hours of exposure and may only be able to protect against rain to a limited extent. A lack of protection in areas like zips, seams and pockets is also commonplace, making many workers turn to their own waterproofs for protection against the elements. (Read More)

This lack of Arc Flash outerwear protection can be extremely dangerous if an Arc Flash incident was to be triggered. The result could even be a life altering experience since an Arc Flash event is so serious that it could disable the casualty, effecting their ability to work for a long while afterwards and leave them with fatal injuries.

Understanding the need for practicality and comfort as well as safety, ProGARM has designed a range of waterproof garments, including a jacket and helmet hood. The garments are 100% VXS + inherent, tested for minimal shrinkage, low colour washout and for long standing protection against Arc Flash incidents. They are also certified to the EN 343 waterproof standard and feature easy stretch panels for added garment comfort, ensuring fully compliant protective, yet comfortable workwear.

Mark Lant, Technical Sales Manager at ProGARM, said: “We frequently see PPE clothing lacking on the weatherproof front and because of this, it’s all too easy to wear something comfortable, warm and waterproof in the winter months, but this could seriously compromise the safety of an individual against an Arc Flash. Studies have shown that accidents are a great deal more likely to occur in excessive cold or warm conditions which is why it is crucial to be especially vigilant at this time of year.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to safety and industry innovation, we understand the need for waterproof garments and have created a comprehensive product range that keeps the wearer dry without obstructing day to day tasks.”

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