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Arc Flash clothing specialist appoints Technical Sales Manager to help increase awareness across electrical industry

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oct 18 22Arc Flash clothing specialist appoints Technical Sales Manager to help increase awareness across electrical industry

ProGARM, the UK’s number one supplier of Arc Flash garments, has recently appointed a new Technical Sales Manager, as part of its mission to increase global awareness across the electrical sector around the life changing dangers of Arc Flash - a relatively misunderstood, but extremely common type of electrical explosion. (Read More)


Hotter than the sun and louder than a bullet, an Arc Flash is when an arcing fault releases dangerous levels of radiant energy, which vaporizes metal that spews from the arc. The air is super-heated causing pressure waves that can throw individuals across rooms and create a deadly molten shrapnel. They can be caused by voltage spikes, worn connections, cable strikes or gaps in insulation, and are a risk even in low-voltage set ups.

Treatment for those that survive an incident can require years of skin grafts, hospital stays and rehabilitation – they may never recover sufficiently to regain their lifestyle.

Aiming to educate on the risks of an Arc Flash, ProGARM has added Sophie Carling to the team in order to assist with the company’s expansion into new markets.

Having worked for Arco, a supplier of safety equipment, for eight years previously, Sophie brings an in-depth knowledge of PPE to the role and will be responsible for providing garments for the North of the UK, which spans from Birmingham to Aberdeen.

Sophie said: “I came across ProGARM in my previous role at Arco, and I couldn’t help but admire the impressive nature of their clothing, as well as the overall operation of the business. I’m absolutely thrilled to have been included in the growing team.”

Jarl Coldrick, International Sales Manager at ProGARM, added: “This is a really exciting time for ProGARM. The company is seeing real growth currently, with the recent launch of our women’s wear range, and more product launches in the pipeline, it’s great to have Sophie on board to help us continue this progress.”

“Arc Flash is a very real health and safety issue impacting industry professionals globally. As a result of this, we’re committed to building a dynamic team to be help us to protect more and more employees with our specialist clothing.”

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