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How To Work In Hazardous Environments

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How To Work In Hazardous Environments

Engineering solutions provider, Boulting Ltd has released an informative infographic explaining its top tips for contractors working in hazardous environments. The infographic details key considerations, including how to identify zones, use of correct equipment and relevant regulations.

There are many scenarios which can result in an area being classified as a hazardous environment, such as flammable gases in process industries and flour dust in bakeries. To prevent an incident from occurring it is vital that precautions are taken when constructing, installing and using apparatus within the defined area.

A well-planned project should ensure the working environment incorporates extensive safety precautions, that all equipment is fit for purpose and rigorously tested and correct, quality components are used. These steps can reduce the risk of an incident such as a catastrophic explosion. (Read More)


“As we work in a wide range of sectors, Boulting Ltd’s engineers are experienced at operating in a breadth of hazardous environments,” explains Paul Mannion, project engineer at Boulting Ltd.

“Our engineers are fully trained and understand not only the hazards of working in these environments, but also how to ensure the area is safe for everyday workers.

“Regulations such as the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), BS EN 60079 and BS EN ISO 80079-36, aid in defining hazardous environments and allow engineers to take the relevant precautions when designing and building.

“We hope this infographic improves overall safety by helping those working in potentially dangerous environments to understand the steps which must be taken to carry out work safely.”

The infographic is free to download from the Boulting Ltd website.

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