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How to build an ATEX forklift

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oct 18 19How to build an ATEX forklift

To comply with European legislation, forklifts operating in potentially explosive atmospheres require special conversion to reduce the risk of ignition. Pyroban explains.


Explosion protection conversion company Pyroban modifies forklift trucks to meet ATEX 2014/34/EU* requirements, and standards such as EN1755:2015*, for operations that need to comply with ATEX 1999/92/EC. (Read More)



When Pyroban receives the truck for conversion from an OEM, it conducts a full assessment to evaluate ignition risks.

Pyroban’s engineers assess all mechanical and electrical components to determine which could cause ignition, by generating heat or a spark. This can include switches, sensors, relays, contactors, motors, generators, controllers, brakes, transmission, hydraulics, forks, the engine and the exhaust.  Parts including seats, armrests, the cabin and tyres, are also evaluated.

Each component is assessed for risk during normal operation within the intended operating Zone - either gas or vapour for Zone 1 and 2 areas, or combustible dust for Zone 21 and 22.


The conversion varies depending on the truck itself and the specific needs of the final application.  Original components may be replaced with an ATEX compliant version or modified in collaboration with the OEM to ensure the truck still performs as intended.

Testing & Certification

Pyroban’s tests verify that systems are functioning correctly, and comply with ATEX.  The vehicle is then returned to the OEM where the CE mark can be applied, certifying the truck for use in the required zone in line with European legislation.

The whole process can take from 4 to 12 weeks, with up to 600 hours work by Pyroban’s experts. However, as it only takes one small spark to cause an explosion, businesses must understand that there are no shortcuts when it comes to explosion protection.

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