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RedLion Safety Footwear – Maximum Slip-Resistance for Maximum Safety

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oct 18 7RedLion Safety Footwear – Maximum Slip-Resistance for Maximum Safety

U-Power’s new RedLion range of safety footwear is one of the most slip-resistant on the market.

Because the workplace floor cannot always be relied on to be non-slip and may be contaminated with water, oil, grease, food or other residues, anti-slip safety shoes are essential in many industries such as construction, food manufacturing. offshore oil and gas and utilities. (Read More)


Health and Safety Executive (HSE) 2015/16 statistics show that almost half of specified injuries to employees are accounted for by slips, trips or falls, leading to a high toll of pain, disability and lost working days that could easily be prevented by the right footwear.

Wearers of any of RedLion’s 40 different, sporty, high-performance models, which are all classified SRC, meaning they have more than met the specified requirements when tested on both wet ceramic tiles and steel with glycerol, can be confident of their safety.

To have maximum slip-resistance, safety footwear should fit properly, be extremely comfortable, and have a flexible sole with an effective tread pattern that grips the floor, no matter what the conditions. The RedLion fulfils all these criteria with ease.

The RedLion has a coefficient of friction (CoF) of 0.82, double the industry standard, demonstrating its excellent resistance to slip accidents.

Stuart Thorne, U-Power’s Managing Director, said: “Making the right choice of safety footwear is vital to reduce the risk of slipping. Combined with its revolutionary new mid-sole using Infinergy®, which returns over 55% of energy to the wearer and dramatically reduces fatigue, the slip-resistant RedLion is one of the most exciting and effective products in the safety footwear market. You simply can’t get better footwear.”

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