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Safety Boot Heeler Met protects vulnerable instep

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hes sat 19 3A quarter of the bones in our bodies are in our feet. Anyone that works in risky workplace environments knows how important it is to protect the vulnerable foot. The Steel Blue metatarsal protection (Met-Guard) is built into the boot and therefore not visible, providing maximum flexibility with every movement. The Heeler Met Bump S3 is the new waterproof safety boot that has just been added to the range of Met-Guard boots. This waterproof boot is suitable for damp, wet environments, walking through snow and shallow water whilst keeping the wearer’s feet dry. The Heeler Met Bump S3 is capable of withstanding the heaviest of drops whilst offering 100% Comfort.


The Heeler Met Bump S3 is a high leg pull on style safety boot that is packed with Steel Blue’s famous boot technology features. It has stitched seams, sealed with waterproof sealing tape ensure feet stay dry. They are crafted from premium Oak coloured leather which supports the natural movement of the foot. The boots have been tested to EN ISO clause 6.2.5 Water Resistance and have achieved excellent results in the Dynamic Water Penetration test. There is no break-in time: boots are comfortable from day one. Furthermore, the outsole is heat resistant to 130ºC. The Heeler Met is available in sizes 37-49 in Oak.


Just like all other boots in the Steel Blue range, the Heeler Met Bump S3 is CE S3 certified and compliant with BSI Benchmark and Intertec.


Foot injuries cause absence from work and high costs


Foot fractures are among the most common work-related injuries. Objects at work sites can drop and injure the foot easily. The healing process is painful, and the metatarsals can take between 4-8 weeks to heal. These type of workplace related injuries can be prevented, and costs reduced if the right safety footwear is applied. Steel Blue’s Met-Guard boots are the best choice for employees in risky environments as well as their employer. 


Built-in Met-Guard Protection: comfort guaranteed


Usually a Met-Guard is exterior to the boot, however, all Met-Guard boots in Steel Blue’s range are built-in. The built-in Met-Guard that protects the entire top area of the foot enables more flexibility and comfort for the foot and above all; the boot is waterproof. This has been achieved by continuous innovations and product developments at Steel Blue.


100% Comfort Guarantee


The 30-Day Comfort Guarantee (money back) comes with all Steel Blue models. Customers can wear the boots for 30 days during daily work. Should they decide that the boots are not comfortable, they will receive a full refund or a replacement pair to the same value. No matter what the boots look like. In addition, Steel Blue provides a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty on all boots.