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Ex Lighting: 3 Benefits of Mounting a PSU Remotely

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Hazardous areas are complicated environments for any installation meaning extra measures need to be taken to create a safe and efficient lighting system. One way to improve flexibility in these applications is to choose a luminaire which features a modular design with a removable PSU (Power Supply Unit) module. Below, we explore the three biggest benefits.

1.  Ease of access

Luminaires with a modular design and removable PSU modules means the PSU can be mounted remotely, up to 100m away from the main luminaire. Installation and future maintenance is also made easy as all wiring and serviceable parts can be located in easy-to-access areas. In summary, the design facilitates quicker and easier servicing and inspection.

2.  Reduced costs

Easier access means reduced costs. The biggest cost over the lifetime of a luminaire is a result of servicing and maintenance, especially when luminaires can be mounted in difficult to access areas. Mounting the PSU remotely improves access which in turn reduces time and cost of maintenance. This could mean that specialist equipment, such as cherry pickers or rope access, is no longer required. Speed of maintenance can also be increased which reduces downtime and minimises any disruption to operations as illumination can be restored quicker. Positioning the PSU remotely provides the ability to reduce costs and provide greater flexibility to specifiers, distributors and end-users.

3.  Lifetime

The component most likely to fail in any LED luminaire will be the electronic power supply (PSU). As a rule of thumb for every 10°C increase in temperature the expected lifetime of the PSU will half. The ability to mount the PSU module remotely is a particular advantage to installations in hot environments. As the PSUs can be placed in a cooler area, this ensures they do not overheat and as a result, the lifetime is increased. As well as making maintenance easier, having the PSU module in a cooler area, means that maintenance is needed less frequently, leading to greater reliability.
For example, a drilling rig in the Middle East has an average temperature of 50°C during the summer. By locating the PSU module separately, either at a lower level out of direct sunlight or in a control room, ensures the PSUs run cooler and provide greater lifetime.

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