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Wireless in Hazardous Areas - Improving Performance

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extronics-sept-14The launch of the unique iSOLATE500 RF galvanic isolator last autumn has revolutionised the deployment of wireless systems in hazardous areas . From ease of install to improved performance, every aspect of hazardous area wireless deployment is much more cost-effective and straightforward than before.   The new product announcements below further enhance the Extronics wireless portfolio with increased choice and performance options.

iANT200 Range of Rugged Antennas  - A completely revamped range of antennas brings a wide range of cost-effective solutions for hazardous area wireless deployment. With MIMO, Dual-band, Omni and directional variants, the iANT200 range meets a wide range of customer requirements - click here to see the range. When used as part of an intrinsically safe solution e.g. in conjunction with the iSOLATE500, these antennas are able to be deployed in the majority of zoned hazardous areas. The iANT200 offers much improved coverage, performance and much lower costs than the limited range of certified antennas. Click here for information.


iSOLATE500 Dual Band WiFI  - The iSOLATE500 is the world's first intrinsically safe RF galvanic isolator. It provides protection against all known faults including AC, DC and hazardous transients.   This new addition to the range is a dual band model which allows the installation of the latest enterprise class WiFi equipment.  The iSOLATE concept provides the flexibility to use the majority of wireless radio equipment in hazardous areas without the need for costly assessment by notified bodies.  Installation is also greatly simplified providing further savings on wireless deployment.  Click here for further details.

Extronics is a leading provider of wireless solutions for hazardous areas.  Through substantial R & D investment we have developed innovative solutions which are used to help unlock data from a wide variety of hazardous environments from oil platforms to pharmaceutical plants. Click here to read more
If you have any questions regarding the Extronics range of hazardous area products and services then please visit our website or email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it