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DENIOS presents more than 450 new innovative products in its 2014 catalogue

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den-feb-14-2In 1986 companies all around the world began to realise the importance of environmental protection and safety. It was in this year that DENIOS was created with a mission to offer products that merge workplace safety with the protection of the environment.

What began with simple spill pallets and storage containers has evolved at an impressive speed. Customer requirements have become more demanding and so have legal requirements and recommendations.

Year on year DENIOS have developed new products for environmental protection in industry - while maintaining standards.In the freshly printed 2014 Catalogue, DENIOS presents over 10,000 products for ensuring environmental protection and safety at the workplace.

From simple spill pallets to complex hazardous material storage containers, and from personal protective equipment to emergency workplace equipment, the new catalogue from the leading UK manufacturer in its field, caters for all handling and storage needs. Introducing a whole range of innovative new products to the portfolio, DENIOS are particularly proud of the new, world first deep drawn UltraSafe sump which will be available to order from February 2014.

Constructed from a single piece of steel without seams, corners or edges, this sump offers the ultimate in safety when storing hazardous substances. Throughout the catalogue, readers will also find useful suggestions and tips on how to safely store and handle hazardous materials in accordance with UK regulations. In addition to the standard catalogue products DENIOS is also renowned for manufacturing tailor-made solutions in the areas of hazardous materials storage , thermal engineering, ventilation technology and technical safety rooms.

For more information or to request the latest catalogue please call DENIOS free on 0808 178 07 23 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it