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ATEX Explosion Hazards Limited

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atex oct-13ATEX Explosion Hazards Limited with almost 40 years of experience in explosion protection is part of the ATEX multinational group of companies in Germany, UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Japan, and Austria. Together we have formed the first Total Process fire and explosion protection source, providing integrated survey, design and engineering solutions for your safety requirements.

Explosion Hazards


ATEX Explosion Hazards Limited UK & Ireland provides a turnkey service by:

  • identifying the hazard (survey)
  • proposing potential solutions (Design)

With our complete range of protection products, we can install the appropriate solution in your plant with full back up services.


Declan Barry

I have gone from Tool Maker to Production Engineer, from Employment Consultant to Product Developer, from Project Manager to Business Owner/MD, so what’s left? Well I need to pursue doing what I do, but strive to do it better. That’s why I love Engineering, there is always more to learn and more projects to experience. I specialise in Explosion Protection systems, design, survey, installation and after sales. I mostly deal with dust hazards in the Dairy, Food, Chemical, pharma and General Materials handling Industry.



Explosion Hazards are in the process of launching the all new ‘Atex Passive Protection System’. Only last week we launched this product at the Recycling and Waste Management (RWM) conference at the NEC Birmingham and received a flattering reception.

As long as ATEX has been providing Explosion Protection Systems a truly passive system without many unworkable constraints was not available. Either the system could not handle the product flow without major restrictions to the dust loading or it had to be monitored for dust fall out because of the design limitations.

While the benefits of standard ATEX Active Control Systems eliminated many of the false activation and maintenance disadvantages of other systems, it still required a high degree of maintenance procedures. Vent users were increasingly aware that protection of a Dust collector or other process vessel required isolation to provide true protection against secondary and catastrophic events.

ATEX engineers set about to provide a full passive protection System approach. Vent systems provided many options for venting. Solutions were available for many industrial applications. Vents were available that reset themselves and were flameless in design for indoor use. They lowered the costly inspections to visual and annual inspections verse the technically advanced inspections required by active systems or those requiring active maintenance.

But the options available for the necessary isolation function were limited with a decision based on benefits verse limitations. No true Passive Solution was available to industrial users, until now.

To meet the need ATEX developed its clean out technology in a passive oriented system. A valve that could meet the product flow requirements of today’s processes. I am proud and confident to be working with this new system and I invite you take a better look at it on my website where I will provide more detailed specifications, tailored solutions and images.

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