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Innovative omni-directional output option for BEx sounders

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e2s-oct-13E2S has introduced a new option for its market-leading BEx range of explosion proof sounders. A new design of output horn turns the sound 90 degrees into a radial, omni-directional pattern without reducing the unit’s sound output levels. This is especially suited to combined sounder/beacon units that are normally installed with the beacon at the top and the horn facing downwards so that the sound output is pointing directly at the floor, limiting its range and impact. In addition to improving the effectiveness of the BEx combined units, the radial horn offers a smaller footprint than the directional one, allowing the units to be installed in locations where space is restricted. For full information, visit us here.

The new “-R” version can be specified for all existing BEx sounders and combination units. The Four-stage, 45 tone BEx range is available in both EEx d and EEx de ratings, and is approved for use in gas Zones 1 and 2 and dust Zones 21 and 22. The family consists of 117 dB @ 1m and 123 dB @ 1m sounders, the Hootronic versions that faithfully mimic the traditional electromechanical siren, buzzer and bell, 15 and 25 Watt loudspeakers and 5, 10, 15 and 21 Joule beacons.

E2S specialises in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of sounders, beacons, loudspeakers, voice alarms and disaster sirens for the oil & gas, hazardous area, industrial and marine markets.

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