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Kerrygold Chooses Mainsaver For New

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Kerrygold Company LtdThe Kerrygold Company Ltd has selected Mainsaver to manage engineering maintenance at its new Maintenance Team Manager Paul Buckley explains that the primary need to implement Mainsaver was a lag inthe timeliness of information available to managers and engineers, as maintenance work was being recordedon paper and in spreadsheets. “When we needed to compile even a basic report on what maintenance jobswere carried out on which equipment in the previous month, it would take several hours just to get thatinformation together” he says.

“Even then, we couldn’t be certain the data was complete. The result is that there would have to be anelement of instinct and frankly, guesswork in any decisions based upon the information available. Thatrepresents an opportunity for improvement in any economic climate, but it’s especially important at this time.”As well as replacing time-consuming manualrecording systems, the project team expectsMainsaver to contribute to a number ofother improvements. An important one willbe to offer the team access to new levels ofdetail about the machinery they work with.“The reports in Mainsaver will show us thetypes of work we are carrying out mostfrequently” says John Norman. “We willthen be able to carry out root-causeanalysis to determine the underlyingreasons for those breakdowns. Once weknow what the causes are, we can establisha preventative maintenance routine tominimise or hopefully eliminate each one.”“We see the introduction of Mainsaver as a significant step forward in gradually increasing the amount ofplanned, preventative work and thereby improving plant reliability.”