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Reduce engineering lead times using the latest FEA software

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Seismic StressHayward Tyler Group, a leading manufacturer of glandless motor/pumps for power generation, oil & gas, nuclear and subsea applications, is using the latest 3D modelling and finite element analysis (FEA) software to accurately predict overall stress distribution for complete motor pump assemblies, resulting in reduced engineering lead times for its customers.

Hayward Tyler Inc. (HTI) Engineering recently invested in COSMOSWorks Professional, a software package that includes a Pressure Vessel Design Study option, which is being used in combination with 3D solid modelling software from Solidworks. This means, in addition to pressure vessel calculations, HTI can also take into account any displacement due to severe nozzle loadings, calculate stresses due to thermal expansion, as well as determine the natural frequency of specific components or complete motor/pump assemblies. The software is being used by Hayward Tyler Group on a number of projects around the world.

On a recent canned motor pump project in the US, for example, a Hayward Tyler pump will be used at a nuclear power station to handle heavy water, transporting it from the nuclear reactors to a storage facility. The contract has seismic requirements, which means HTI needed to calculate the natural frequency of the major pump components.

Ben Hardy, Design Engineer at HTI Engineering comments: “The new Pressure Vessel Design Study option is very powerful when coupled with traditional stress analysis required by Nuclear Code. The software can analyse pressure retaining nuclear components, calculating overall stresses by adding different loading criteria together. This gives us a more accurate representation of the resultant stress from the entire set of given design criteria.”

According to Hardy, each stress study is calculated separately, which would include stresses due to seismic loading, component weight, nozzle loads and thermal stresses. Next, the reactions and stresses are added together to provide an overall stress distribution caused by the combination of loading. “The ability to complete these calculations in-house reduces engineering lead time and eliminates the need for costly external consultants,” explains Hardy.

“Not only does the new software reduce the design time at the front-end of our process, enabling us to quickly identify and eliminate any potential design issues, but it also helps us to verify and seismically-qualify the pump design at the back-end of the process,” says Hardy.

Hayward Tyler now has more than 1,000 pumps in active service in the US and overseas nuclear power plants. The company is one of very few manufacturers that has maintained its nuclear ‘N’ stamp for the last 30 years. Hayward Tyler Group has built an enviable reputation with customers in the nuclear industry, including Bechtel, Brown & Root, Stone & Webster, Ebasco, Black and Veatch, Westinghouse, Babcock and Wilcox, General Electric, and AECL.

For more information on Hayward Tyler, please visit the website at or telephone the marketing department on +44 (0)1582 731144 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it