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As one of the most famous and prestigious names in the engineering and bearing manufacturing world, SKF is always very conscious to embrace the very best of safety technology, and this policy has been tangibly reflected by the recent installation
of Denios hazardous storage systems.

The challenge

A recent major refurbishment of the Aerospace Division facility near Bristol combined with appropriate conversations with their insurance company triggered assessment of the choice of such storage ranges on the market, and Denios was perceived as the niche name with the comprehensive, single source range of cabinets and containers to meet every need. With a major insurance requirement being that sensitive fluids be stored externally away from the risk of spillage and internal pollution,  the durability and strength of the units was also a major consideration.

The solution

Consequently the installation consisted of a Denios WHG 340 galvanised blue steel oil store measuring 2800mm x 4095mm x 2350mm and featuring sump capacity of 2000 litres plus vital air ventilation and lockable winged doors. This is supported by a true 90 minute Fire Protection Cabinet  (BMC180)– utilised as a Flammable Store - manufactured from a fully welded steel construction, along with 100mm fire rated insulation and leak tested as well as being rated even for snow and wind loads with self closing doors in the event of a fire.The Acid and Chemicals store consists of a Denios WHG 320 module container again of galvanised steel and incorporating a 30mm space between the base of the container and the floor to prevent corrosion, as well as a reinforced grid for placing drums and containers on. All of these units exceed the requirements of SEPA and the Environment Agency regulation PPG 26, as well as approval from the noted DIBt German Institute of Construction.

Results and benefits

The overall enhanced improvement is summed up by Project Engineer Chris Warburton at SKF “ We now have a much more managed and planned storage procedure, which has created more space and better visual impression as well as meeting the strict insurance criteria which equally dovetail in to the pertinent HSE guidelines. Another thoughtful touch was to have a small general cabinet installed within the main building so that we have a ready supply of oil available at all times. Given our position as the foremeost manufacturer of dedicated bearing systems for all manner of civil and military aircraft, it has been a crucial and very successful venture to acquire the focused Denios technology.

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