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Simone Veil Hospital working towards a unified maintenance system

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PoorBest Eaubonne Montmorency Hospital Group needed a unified CMMS system to manage the activities of its various departments. In order to centralise the management of curative and preventive work, benefit from a database of equipment, generate indicators and reports and to improve stock management they chose COSWIN 7i, a fully web based CMMS solution.

Management for multiple sites and multiple departments

Simone Veil Hospital was formed when the Eaubonne and Montmorency sites merged. The challenge for this Hospital Group is to choose a maintenance tool that is both ‘multi-site’ capable and highly customisable.

The maintenance management in hospitals covers several different departments each with their own group of users. The Biomedical Department is responsible for the maintenance of medical equipment. Its responsibilities are to «Ensure the Maintenance of equipment» and «Ensure the safety of people and equipment». This department is composed of 5 people.

The Technical Department manages all the non-medical equipment of the establishment; buildings, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, paint, lifts, furniture, beds and so on. The department is composed of 22 employees. Finally, the IT Department is responsible for managing all the computer equipment. It is composed of 12 employees.

In September 2006, the Biomedical Department was at the beginning of a process for the implementation of a comprehensive CMMS solution for all three departments.

They chose Coswin 7i because of the high customisability
of its modules. The hospital maintenance has now undergone a revolution. Up until the implementation of Coswin, each department worked independently. Now they are all able to work together and share information.

“In order to simplify and harmonise things, we wanted all the services to be using the same piece of software”, explained Nadége Aubert, the manager of the Biomedical Department.

Another peculiarity of the hospital is that the maintenance is planned according to buildings and geographical locations for the Technical Department while the Biomedical Department manage their work according to the equipment involved.

The technicians who carry out the work often travel between the two sites.

Making things simple for requesters and workers.

The three maintenance departments have an unlimited number of users who can create job requests. However, nearly 70% of the job requests are created by the department maintenance staff, rather than by others who submit their requests by email or telephone.

The aim is to deliver a solution that will enable the staff of all the departments to input the information related to their job requests. The medical services use a web based version of Coswin with one access
that covers all the workstations.

A completely customisable, modular deployment.

Each profile that is defined in Coswin has access to specific information.
The customisation tools that are provided as part of Coswin make
it possible to modify the screens according to each user’s profile. Technicians, Engineers, Managers, Requesters etc can all use Coswin with an interface that has been designed specifically for their needs.

The IT Department

The Equipment list, Stock Register and History of transactions are important functionalities for the IT Department who manage the network of workstations, servers and printers. The maintenance work is mostly
curative but the department manager, Mr Berthod, aims to introduce a preventative aspect to the work.

With better handling of maintenance activities it will be possible
to distinguish between work orders that relate to new equipment,
new software etc and those that relate to a breakdown of existing equipment or software. The department handled 3218 work orders in 2007 and 3091 in 2008.

The IT department aims to optimise the functionalities of Coswin and the quality of information and reporting. “The interesting thing behind the data, are the statistics. The creation of reports and dashboards from which we can identify indicators to press the levers and modify our strategy.”, explained Philippe Berthod.

The Technical Department

The part of the Coswin database that is used by the Technical Department is being built up piece by piece as Job Requests and Work Orders are created. The list of pieces of equipment that are maintained by the
Technical Department is huge.

The hospital has a total of 956 beds and all the equipment that goes with them. The department handles about 50 requests per day. They have to be able to configure the software so that it is easy to use for everyone who might need to submit a Job Request, and at the same time they have to define and parameter the nomenclature to be used for all the equipment.

They aim to have Coswin fully operational by September 2009.

The particularities of the Hospital sector

The maintenance of hospitals must conform to many regulatory standards. “Coswin records the work time and the regulatory practices of a job on a device or a product. This is beneficial because it allows us to organise the activity. “ explained Mr. Said Ben Rejdali, The Technical Department Manager

Certain jobs require permits and planning. »Compared to a classical building there is not a large difference, it is the methodology for work on the various sites that is different. For example, we need special
autorisation for works to be carried out in the operating block.»

Medical equipment managed by the Biomedical Department is subject to the “matériovigilance” program. That means that risks linked to a piece of equipment are constantly monitored. The equipment is grouped into 4 classes according to their criticality (see above).

If a supplier reports a defective batch or a fault with a piece of equipment via the AFSSAPS (l’Agence Française de Sécurité SAnitaire des Produits de Santé) it is necessary for the staff to be able to manage this and use the information to plan their maintenance tasks.

The ability to link documents and files to records and transactions in Coswin makes it possible to track the data and consult the information when needed. Nadège Aubert described the functionality as “The ability to manage documents via the CMMS rather than on paper”.

The Bio-medical service

The bio-medical department manages all its equipment and stock inventory with Coswin. Planning of preventative maintenance is also done with Coswin. “Coswin 7i is a good CMMS with a lot of potential. We can do many more things now that we have Coswin”, said Nadège

The bio-medical department handled 550 preventative maintenance tasks and 1180 curative maintenance tasks in 2008. They now plan to use Coswin to develop viable indicators and business intelligence, improve their stock management and track costs associated with pieces of equipment.

The main results expected

• The management of subcontracted work
• Reports and statistics on work orders and job requests
• Better communication between users
• Interaction between departments
• Better management of stock inventory and costs
• A complete history of transactions for each department
• Better management of employees

“The interesting thing behind the data, are the statistics. It’s very interesting to have a dashboard on which you can then have indicators to press levers and change our strategy. “

M. Philippe Berthod,
Manager of the IT Department
Siveco UK Ltd;
View Point, Basing View, Basingstoke
Hampshire RG21 4RG, United Kingdom
T +44 (0) 12 56 84 38 33
F +44 (0) 12 56 84 37 67